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Help reading the Bible

If you ever question somethings in the Bible that either don’t make sense or appears to contradict itself, history or science, don’t let anyone convince you to just push those questions down and have blind faith. I am a very very inquisitive person and I always have questions about the Bible. Over the years I have been patted on the head and told to basically ignore those questions. However, when someone I trusted encouraged me to keep digging and asking questions about the Bible, I felt set free! And you know what happened, I found real answers and found that the Bible does not contradict itself. My faith and trust in God have been strengthened through relentless digging into both scripture, history and science!!

God is big enough to handle the questions and doubts. It’s what you do with them that matters. The Bible doesn’t say we are th have mindless faith, it says we are to walk by faith not by sight. Meaning, we can’t see God yet we are to believe He is there. Just like we may not see the wind but we can see the proof that it’s there through it’s comfor and power it can bring. And I’m the same way, we can see the proof of God and His power with our minds and eyes!!

Here are some of the resources I have use for either my daily quiet time or those random questions:

Daily Bible Study:

1. First 5 app: There is a sepeprate plan for every book of the Bible. So I am using it to guide me through reading the Bible from beginning to the end.

2. Both the Bible Project app & Filament app: I use them to find short videos (5mins) that give me an overview of what I’m reading. I started with watching the Bible overview then the Old and New Testament overview. Then, I started with Genesis in the First 5 app and watched the corresponding video(s) in the Bible Project app and/or the Filament app.

Here are the websites I like to use for researching random science, archaeological or historical questions:

2. (When reading article on this site or any other site, be sure you are reading the entire surrounding text in the Bible, to make sure it’s not being taken out of context. Man is fallible so it’s important to test everything you are taught)

Following this way of reading and studying the Bible has been so helpful, especially since I am ADHD and struggle to stay focused. It has kept me on track and filled in a lot of missing pieces in helping me understand God and His plan more fully!

I hope this helps someone and encourages someone to not allow intimidation to keep you from reading and understanding The Bible ❤️

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