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God is for us

I have always been one of those kids/adults that ask questions all the time. I want to know the whys and how’s of everything. So that’s how my quiet times end up going. I start reading scripture and when I come across something I haven’t fully grasped I go searching for biblically sound answers. I make sure it lines up with the whole of scripture, the nature of God and the overall gospel plan.

So this morning when I read about God turning people over to their own depravity because of their ongoing disregard for God and His commands, I wanted to know if He was speaking to both the saved and unsaved. This article explained it well, by stating that he was talking to those who were not yet saved (those who have not genuinely placed thier faith in Christ). What I learned was, God guides, pursues, protects both the saved and unsaved.

However, when someone has the knowledge of God and chooses to reject and disobey Him, God eventually pulls back and allows them to have their own way. Allowing the calamity to fall upon them and, if they continue to reject Him and His ways, He releases His protective guiding hand from them and allows them to fully follow the deeds of the evil one, allowing them to be overcome by a depraved mind. One that chooses dark over light, the unnatural over the natural order of things, worshipping the created things over the Creator….

A scary thought to be released by God, but keep in mind He is compassionate and patient, “He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief.” We must also keep in mind, He doesn’t want a relationship that is forced, He gives us the choice and freedom to do what we want. And eventually, if/when we continually choose to defy and reject Him, He will let us take our own path and suffer the consequences of those choices.

Honestly, this life is all about choices and consequences. God isn’t allowing evil people to hurt the innocent, He is allowing us to freely make our own choices, living our lives. And in that freedom, when we choose to sin, WE hurt others. That’s not Gods doing. However, He is always there to help us heal from the wounds. He will even use the tragedies in our life to bring about something good, as long as we surrender the pain and destruction over to Him and not take things into our own hands through hatred, vengeance and bitterness.

Here’s the article that goes into more depth in answering the questions I had. Very enlightening!

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