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Be the Pebble

Sometimes it can get overwhelming when we think about helping those who are hurting, oppressed, destitute and lost. Especially when we see how many people need help in the world. We can feel discouraged and think “What’s the point, there’s too many people that need help in the world. How could I possibly make a difference at all?” Surprisingly, a lot more than we realize?

This morning I read something that helped me see things from a different perspective. Not our usual limited, humanly perspective but the through the lens we should view everything through…Jesus’ perspective.

Here’s a portion of what I read that was so enlightening:

“Throughout Jesus’ ministry on earth, He never seemed intimidated by the crowds. Instead, He looked into the multitudes and focused on those whom His Father was sending to Him...Therefore, whenever Jesus saw the Father was drawing a person to Himself, Jesus immediately began relating to that person.” Excerpt from the “Experiencing God” devotional by Blackaby

God isn’t asking us to save the World, that is His job. However, He is asking us to join Him in His work. As we spend more and more time with Him, experiencing life with Him, He will make it clear as to who He’s calling us to walk alongside of, with Him and His Power.

Christianity, discipleship, and evangelism are not a set of steps or teachings to understand and master. They are about genuine relationships, genuine concern and genuinely walking alongside someone through life’s ups and downs.

Christianity is following in Jesus’ footsteps, walking with Him daily. An intimate two-sided relationship.

Discipleship is being Jesus’ hands and feet. Walking alongside of others, showing them how to walk with Jesus and how to navigate the obstacles that get in the way of our faith and Christian walk.

Evangelism is living out your faith and love for God in a visible, tangible way. It’s being like Christ in such a way that causes others to inquire about your faith and the peace and joy that accompany it.

Our genuine faith lived out loud can be so much more impactful than we ever imagined. Instead of viewing our efforts as just a drop in the bucket, we should try to view it more like the far reaching effects of the ripples that spread when just a single stone is tossed into water.

For Deeper Study:

2 Corinthians 1:3

2 Peter 1:3

Isaiah 55:8-9

Romans 12:9-19

Hebrews 13:21

1 Peter 4:10

Philippians 2:13

Isaiah 61:1b

John 14:21

John 14:26

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