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This mornings devotional was about how the lies we believe about ourselves and our identity can lead us down so many destructive paths. Here’s a quote from the devotional that stood out to me the most “You hear a lie, you treat it like truth, and it begins to define you, like a label. And then, you act out of that label.” Destroying and confusing us about our identity is Satans bullseye! When he hits the mark and you believe the lies and allow them to take root, he can drag you so far from who you were created to be and create such anxiety and confusion that it’s hard to believe the truth about who you are and who God is. Only The One who created you can help you find your’s not in your appearance, it’s not in your job, it’s not in your sexuality, it’s not in anything but who you are at your core. Find Him, follow Him and His ways and you will find yourself...your true self! Our true selves are so unique and quirky because that’s how God designed be different! For example, I am goofy, nerdy and I am a woman who would rather get muddy on a four wheeler than go on a fancy date somewhere. I’ve always been like that. However, society tries to say that God made a mistake and because I don’t like traditional female things. Blah, blah, blah...Satans lies! I am me, God made me a female and I am unique...unlike anyone else in the world! Throw off those labels and stop “identifying” with someone or something other than who God created you to be! Find Him, find yourself, love Him and love yourself! This will help you accept and love others who are different and unique as well.  

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