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What makes you happy?

It’s no surprise that our nation has many hurting souls. We invent new ways that we are certain will make us happy. We change foundational things out of a desperate search for our current “god” “Happiness”. It’s not that God doesn’t want us to be happy, it’s not that God comes up with rules and advice to control us. He created us and He knows what is best for us. He knows that “happiness” is a fleeting emotion and can never remain satisfied. He long’s for us to experience the joy and peace only His ways will provide. He is more concerned with our eternal life and the eternal life of those who are watching you and following you. Where are we leading those who are looking up to us? God is serious about our worshipping other idols. What are other idols? Anything that we have made more important than God and what His Word teaches. When we seek to make ourselves happy even if it means we go against what God has instructed of us. Elevating our sexuality and sexual desires above God’s wish’s. We all have a void within us, which left empty will keep us on a desperate search to satisfy it. Where we get off track is when we seek external things to fill that void. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, food, sex... These will leave you emptier and emptier each time. They will lead you towards depression, anxiety and hopelessness because you begin to realize nothing helps. Then we turn to prescription meds to calm us down or lift us up, all while we still are haunted by the feeling that something is still wrong. However, when we seek God through His Word, through prayer and through living according to His direction we will find a joy and peace that is lasting. The kind that stays with you in the darkest of night and the darkest of times. A true soul satisfying that we all long for and search for. Let’s stop making the excuses as to why we walk away from God. Don’t let the world teach you “Who God is or isn’t”, start finding out for yourself. Study His Word, pray for Him to help you understand what you’re reading. Still struggle with believing an ancient book, start researching the historical documents and proof of many of the things within the book. Here’s a reputable website that helps answer some of those more scientific questions: Whatever you’re approach is, it’s worth the time to get to know Your Creator through the resources He has provided for thousands of years. Not to mention what is already written on your heart. Your Spirit already knows who He is, so take some time to find out more about Him and finally satisfy that soul hunger thats been leading you around aimlessly. Find the joy and peace that is everlasting!

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