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Who told you that?

Just like Adam and Eve were seduced by Satan in the Garden of Eden and left to bare the consequences. Satan temps and lies to us, never delivering on the promises he makes...promise that you’ll feel better, you’ll be happier, you deserve this...blah...blah...hiss.. We have been taking the bait since the beginning of time. 

So, instead of beating yourselves up, hiding from God and other believers out of shame. Peek through the bushes your hiding in and you’ll hear God whispering “Child, where are you?” Of course He knows where you are, He’s asking so you will take note of where you are. Then, as we answer and tell Him why we are in the situation we are in, He asks another question “Who told you that?” Beloved, who told you the lies you are now believing about yourself and your worth? Who is telling you these worldly things will bring you comfort, peace and joy? Satan and the World! Listen to The One who created you and knows better than anyone else what will bring comfort, peace and lasting true joy!! Take time today and talk to Him about these things, journal a note to Him and pour out all that weighs you down and keeps you from the abundant joy-filled life He longs for you to have! 

Read Genesis 3 for a deeper understanding of this.

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