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Did you know that the top religious leaders and the high priests hated Jesus and wanted to kill him! The most ironic part is that just days before the Passover Celebration is when they started plotting against Him. Why is this so ironic? Well, because they had all been celebrating the Holy Week aka The Jewish Passover for many many years and generations, and still missed the significance of it and completely missed that Jesus is our Passover! “By (spiritually) applying His blood to our lives by faith, we trust Christ to save us from death. The Israelites who, in faith, applied the blood of the Paschal lamb to their homes become a model for us. It was not the Israelites’ ancestry or good standing or amiable nature that saved them; it was only the blood of the lamb that made them exempt from death (see John 1:29 and Revelation 5:9–10).” excerpt from To better understand this important lesson Read John 11:38-John 12:19 along the two links below that teach more on The Passover... What is the Passover? Passover-Seder

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