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Meek or Defender

So, I tend to be a little too fiery and quick to defend others or a cause and was wondering if in order to be a gentle and quiet spirit, must I lose my strong willed nature. Because honestly, I feel God specifically created me with that characteristic, to fulfill His Will in my life. I've always felt I was created to be His Warrior and can't see that being possible if I doused that fire within me. As I was pondering these two seemingly opposing natures, gentle versus strong willed, I came accord some good scriptures and an article with the same scriptures in it that was very enlightening! Basically, how to discern when to remain quiet and when to speak out. God calls us to defend the oppressed and weak, therefore, there are times to be quiet and passive and times to be bold and courageous! Something even more important to keep in mind, is that Jesus was characterized as meek and gentle! And when I read about His life on earth, it looked nothing like the definitions we use today for those two words. So, when I feel confused by the worlds definitions, I need only to look at the Perfect Example, Christ, to see what it really means. Here is the article. It's a little long but really rich!

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