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Lawgiver or Lifegiver

Good morning! I wanted to share something I read from a study I just love. It touches on something I used to struggle with a lot, trying not to view God as a harsh lawgiver but instead a loving & protective Daddy (Abba Father). 

“One can view a lawgiver from two perspectives. First, there’s the overbearing, power-hungry, demanding authority figure who says, “I’m laying down the law and you have to obey it because I’m the one with the power. I’m establishing a code of behavior that suits me, and I’m expecting you to follow my rules. If you don’t, I’ll punish you.”” THIS is not God the lawgiver. Here’s God the lawgiver: I’m the Creator. I made everything that exists. Because I love you, I’m giving you the laws of the universe. I’m telling you how to get the most out of all that I have created for you. I’m telling you the secrets about how things work so that you can live the life you are created for….His law is your protection and your wisdom. His law is encoded in your spiritual DNA so that in following it you are cooperating in establishing your own fulfillment and success.”…”It is written in your heart. In working against it, we are working against our own best interest. In resisting it, we resist peace and harmony. Outside His law, we are engaged in an ongoing, energy-draining, life sapping upstream swim. In giving us His law, He has not restricted, but freed us.” Live a Praying Life” by Jennifer Kennedy Dean 

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