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Our Core

I’m doing a Bible Study about the Armor of God and this morning was about the “Belt of Truth”, which is our core. Just like our physical bodies, our core supports and holds us upright, especially during battle (physically and spiritually). It got me to thinking about how the core of any church is actually each members personal walk and godliness. As American Christians we go to various churches to sample each one to see what they can offer us. Most of the time we are focused more on the things that please are physical, outward senses, forgetting we are there to serve and offer ourselves to God and the Church. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the music and ambience of our church, as long as we are not neglecting the primary reason we are there…to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice and to grow more and more like Christ. If you find flaws in your church, remember it’s not “that church” it is each members own personal walk with God that makes up the strength, core and heart of the church. The core strength and harmony of your church start with ourselves.

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