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Age of Earth

I am a very “scientific proof” type of thinker and was taught to question things and not just take someone’s word for it so I used to be afraid to question the Bible and dealing dig in because I was afraid I would find too many holes. However, someone once told me to not be afraid to dog and question and reassured me that the more I dig the more truth I would discover in the Bible along with scientific proof, archeological proof and historical proof that actually increased my faith and belief in God and His Word. Since I question things I love looking up all sorts of things on because I found so many fascinating things HS and answers! One of which I have always been curious about but never really researched until this morning. Here is the link to some answers regarding “The Age of Earth” also look to wears the bottom of that web page and see all of the other things you can find on this site 🙂

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