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Calming the Spirit

When I get too busy, like I have been this past week, it can easily lead to my not getting the quality time with God that I require daily. I end up feeling like a wild mustang caught in a thicket of overgrown brush out in the wilderness, trying to break free. My spirit feels untamed and restless, not knowing which way to go or how to get back to where I am supposed to be. That is, until I finally allow God to rope me and pull me out of the thicket (the world and flesh) and gently place me at His feet again. However, the fierce battle between my selfish flesh and my quiet spirit continues to rage, as I force myself to sit still and read His Word, trusting that I will soon be settled and focused. And as always, my heart begins to soften, I stop tugging at the reigns and I bow my head and heart to The Lord. I then take a big sigh and realize that I am only ever truly free when I am “in the Spirit” and not the in the “flesh”. I am free when I am not operating out of my selfishness, which can be so controlling and leads to bondage. God gives me unbridled freedom, peace and joy...that doesn’t limit me, but instead, guides me gently along the perfect path that’s not covered in brush and land mines. My soul is at rest once again because my eyes are on the Lord. :)

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