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Protect & Love Unashamedly

This scripture is a very good reminder to those who are Christians. Our current society thinks that what we do in private doesn’t hurt anyone, however, that just is not true. When you have committed to be One with your spouse and God, anytime you do something to break that promise and covenant you break your relationship with both your spouse and God. Not to mention, when we do something that down deep we feel needs to be hidden and are ashamed of, we turn from from God & our spouse. We also tend to treat God and our loved ones differently, out of guilt. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s human nature to treat them with bitterness and resentment because of feeling guilty and unworthy of their love. Our spouses, loved ones and God deserve to be treated as a blessing not a curse. This applies to both men and women. These days more and more women are being caught up in this addictive behavior. Honor your marriage with your heart and eyes. Honor God by living a sacrificial life for His Glory and to protect your family & spouse. ❤️ #devoted #breakfreelivefree

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