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Restore Joy

This morning when I woke up and was getting my coffee ready for quiet time, I realized I hadn’t been joyfully anticipating my time with God and can’t remember when the slow fade started. So, I instantly turned on some praise and worship music. It’s amazing to me how much music can speak to and awaken your soul! 💕🙌🏼 🎶 It can help wash away the worries and the things of the world laying heaven on your mind. As I got in my chair to begin my time with God, the following scripture came to mind “God, create a pure heart in me. Give me a new spirit that is faithful to you. Give me back the joy that comes from being saved by you. Give me a spirit that obeys you so that I will keep going.” Psalm 51:10,12 Such soothing medicine to a warriors soul! I get so busy digging deep, putting my head down and just barreling through my jam packed day that I too easily lose the joy that comes simply from being saved...saved from hell and saved to a new beautiful life lived clinging to God like an adoring child. 🥰 So I encourage you today, find some praise music to listen to, that awakens The Spirit within and leaves you feeling the unexplainable joy that only comes from The Lord. Better yet, weather permitting throw on your headphones and go outside for a little praise walk with God. There’s just something about listening to music designed to worship Him while looking at all the beautiful things He created for us! ❤️

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