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Passover? Lamb?

This morning as I was reading a scripture I had read before...many times...something finally clicked. I was reading in John 13:1-7 which refers to it being “just before the Passover Festival”. What I stood out was how Jesus is referred to as The Passover and the Passover Lamb. So I got to thinking, 🤔 If Jesus is the Passover, He was the Perfect Lamb that was scarified and His blood is what paid for our sins, yet here He is shortly before He is crucified celebrating The Passover. A festival that has been celebrated for a long time...even before He was born! I knew all of this but they were just separate pieces of a larger puzzle and finally I put those pieces together to see the whole picture! That’s what God’s Word is...tons of pieces of one big beautiful picture of our Salvation and our Savior! Here is an article that explains it way better than I can. It’s a little heady but stick with it until the end where the pieces begin to come together. We too often skip over Old Testament teachings because it feels so antiquated and less relevant but it’s necessary to understand so we can begin to see the whole picture! What is Passover?

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