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True Measure

This was a really good read this morning and so very true! “Nothing reveals to a woman how close or far away she is from being like Jesus than the relationship she has with her husband. The way she thinks, talks, acts, and reacts around him – or in response to him – shows her how far she has to go in order to become all that God wants her to be. Marriage is one of the true testing grounds for what is in all of us. Any selfishness, inconsideration, or lack of love in either a husband or wife will be revealed as they live together day after day, year after year. But if ever a woman doesn’t like what she sees happening in herself with regard to her marriage relationship, she can seek to be more like Jesus, so that His love, selfishness, and kindness will grow in her and be revealed to those around her – especially her husband. (A man can and should do the same thing…) by Stormie Omartian We sometimes want to measure our Christian walk by how we serve at church or how we treat people at church, work or school but the true test is how you treat and serve your spouse or family member. I am guilty of this…I do tend to treat others outside of my home better than I treat my husband, so this was very helpful and eye opening read this morning.

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