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What if our purpose on this earth is not to be happy and make all of our dreams come true? What if our purpose was to be soldiers in a battle against evil? To come alongside Christ and fight the good fight against evil? Being a Christian doesn’t mean being handed this posh life of luxury, no, it means taking up your spiritual weapons (Gods Word and Prayer), keeping your mind, body and soul from being tainted and contaminated by this world and its ruler, Satan, in order to be a Soldier for Christ. To help save those who have fallen prey to the tantalizing and enticing schemes of the devil. We are to boldly and compassionately help fallen soldiers off of the battle field and into the loving arms of Christ and His Church, the hospital for the wounded! Let’s not forget, as church goers, what the purpose of the church is. The purpose of the church is to mend wounded hearts and to help build people back up so they can run the race God called them to run, not condemn them and shut them out like it was some “country club”. Come along side Christ, take up your cross, sacrificing luxury and “happiness” for wholeness, purity, peace, joy and purpose…helping others along the way! The Christian life is not boring…it takes courage to live the adventurous and rugged life God calls us to! Trust Him to take care of all your needs as you live for Him!

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