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I Love This!

“How dangerous it is when our soul is gasping for God but we’re too distracted flirting with the world to notice. Flirting will give you brief surges of fun feelings but will never really pull you in & hold you close. Indeed, the world entices our flesh but never embraces our soul. All the while, the only love caring enough to embrace us & complete enough to fill us, waits…

We just have to turn to Him. And sit with Him. No matter what. Even if our toes bloody from the constant wear & tear from desperately running to Him. Get to Him daily.

How it must break His heart when we walk around so desperate for a love He waits to give us each and every day.” Lysa TerKeurst~Uninvited

If you don’t think it’s possible to feel an invisible God embrace you,hold you and comfort you, you’re wrong. I know I used to feel that way until after a difficult heartbreak left me feeling hopeless, lonely and empty. Until, I finally turned to God fully and allowed Him to truly comfort me because I had no other choice. And I began to truly feel loved and held for the first time in a long while. That’s when I started longing for more and more time with God and His love. And through that, I learned to love and be loved by an invisible God. I wouldn’t trade the pain and suffering I went through that brought me to a more intimate relationship with my Daddy God!

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